So!  You've opened up a new state of the art fish store, or you've created a product that will revolutionize the aquarium world as we know it. You have learned that a user spends 88% on a website with a video and that landing pages with videos have 800% more conversion than a page without one. You realise that a video is not just something nice to have, it's necessary. 


Company/Brand Documentary

Do you know your brand's story? Of course you do. Let us help you share that amazing story with your customers! A Brand/Company Documentary Video let your customers know that you're more than just a company which creates brand loyalty.  






Product Overviews

Let’s be honest if you have a company or product but you don't have a video describing how your product works or the services that you provide then you are losing out on new customers. Period! With our help you can have a video brings in new customers and helps your existing customers understand your product. 



Do you have an upcoming event or are you about to launch a kickstarter for a new product? A Promotional Video is a great way to generate interest. A promotional video does not need to feel like a commercial. It should be a genuine message to your customer's filled with charm and beautiful imagery to grasp their attention. 

Filmmaking is my passion and I have been blessed to be able to pursue filmmaking full time and thus I am hired to create additional content outside of the Aquarium Hobby. Check out my other work here