Jon's Innovative Marine Tank

Greetings Everyone! I am Jon Norris and I am happy to deliver my first video blog for ThomasVisionReef, the hottest and newest online aquarium video magazine! Here I wanted to feature my new tank build, my Innovative Marine Fusion 30L. It is a 30gallon tank and I am running the Max Spect Razors 160watts 16K model. So far I am really liking this tank!

I don't have a lot of corals in my tank as of yet, basically softies and zoas. I had been battling a huge algae bloom with diatoms, cyanobacteria, and the dreaded bryopsis. We normally don't see bryopsis out here in California, so when you buy online or from sellers you may not know that well, I always recommend dipping corals in a cleanse. I use Julian Sprung's Coral Revive from Two Little Fishies and works great. I do have a Watchman Goby named Wyatt and he is paired with a coral banded pistol shrimp, Doc Holliday. I just introduced one of my other favorite fish, Butters the purple firefish. He is a shy fellow so he did not want a close up with Mr. Deville.

When my algae finally gets under control, I have a lot of plans for this tank. I love SPS, LPS, anemones and of course, clownfish. I bred clowns for many years and would love to eventually get back to my roots and get back to breeding. I will continue to update my tank as it progresses and my next video blog will be on the negative opinions I have on this tank, not many but a few that had me surprised.

Until then happy reefing and keep on Fragging!

                                                                                                   Frag On!

                                                                                                   Frag On!