The Aquarium Life MOVIE (update)

Update: Sept 14, 2014 - I posted a quick rant on my FB page sharing my disappointment with the fact that I was not able to get this film made. However, a company reached out to me stating that they would like to sponsor the film. I will keep you guys updated but things are looking good!

My name is Thomas Brown and I am a filmmaker here in Atlanta, GA. I specialize in aquarium videos which provide entertainment and education for my fellow aquarium hobbyist. My current project is one close to my heart as I feel compelled to share the hobby I love with the world. With that in mind I hope to create a film called The Aquarium Life.

In this film I hope to share the fact that we as aquarium hobbyist love and respect the oceans and nature as a whole. Many of us are activist, constantly fighting to save our planet.

The mission of this film is to not only share how our passion for aquariums affect our lives but how the Aquarium Hobby affects the world.

According to in 2003 it was estimated that 7.5 million pieces of hard coral are being traded and 18 million pieces of soft coral were being traded. It is likely that these figures have increased further still in the last few years. With this many corals in our Aquariums this would make reef hobbyists the largest coral conservation specialists in the world!

This documentary will also show that this hobby is not only important to us! Small villages that inhabit countries along the golden triangle (such as the Philippines and Indonesia) rely heavily on the aquarium industry for their livelihood.

Let's share with the world the innovations that have come from our great hobby. Like Aquaponics.

In terms of research the aquarium hobby has always been innovators. The knowledge gained from reef keeping has and is being used to help restore our reefs.