Salty Supply Adds Thomas Brown as Its Video Content Director

One of the nations leading online retailers of discount aquarium supplies has added one of the top aquarium and reef video creators on YouTube.

According to a recent study by ComScore, a global leader in digital media analytics, more than 89 million people in the United States watch 1.2 billion online videos each day, and thanks to Salty Supplys hiring of Thomas Brown from the Thomas Vision Reef YouTube channel as it lead video content director, customers will have access to engaging and information-filled videos about the companys products and services.

We have followed Thomas' progress and the creativity he bring to each video he creates, said Salty Supply CEO Richard Gilliland. We are extremely excited to have Thomas on our Team. We believe he will bring the much needed energy and dynamic to our online video presence.

Gilliland went on to encourage customers to be sure to stay tuned to Salty Supplys channel and website for great new products spotlights, and videos series coming soon.

The decision to hire Brown as the companys lead video director could prove to have perfect timing due to recent trends on video consumption seeking information and explanations.

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Our Exclusive look inside the Life of a Professional Sports Team: Los Angeles Dodgers.

I always had a passion for sports growing up. My Dad was an avid Baseball player and played while enlisted in the Military and also got as high as AA Ball (Mini Minors) until he popped a knee and that was the end of his career. I followed suit and played every sport possible. I played Baseball when I was 4 years, played on multiple travel ball clubs, made All Stars, played in High School, and even played a year of college before too, my knees gave out and that was it for me. I played other sports as well, from Soccer, to Basketball, Football, and even golfing. So I was a well rounded athlete, loved watching it, playing it, or even doing Fantasy Sports, which I'm sure a lot of you do.

Never had I thought my love of sports would lead me on an interesting journey. I landed a gig with the Los Angeles Clippers. I was in the Fan Relations and Communications Department and we handled all the season ticket holder accounts, pregame activities such as shoot around with the players before the game, special introductions, giveaway nights, and any other promotional activities; I was there.

                                                                       Heated Game Plan with the Clippers Front Four

                                                                       Heated Game Plan with the Clippers Front Four

                                                                                          Clipper Fan Relations Crew

                                                                                          Clipper Fan Relations Crew

                                                                                              Wife and I enjoy a Night Off

As fun as that little gig was, it wasn't very lucrative and the hours were extremely long, but it did open a lot of doors for me in the sports world and that is what it's all about these days kids, make those connections while you can! I was a volunteer ball boy at a very early age helping with the Dodgers here and there, but it wasn't until after the Clippers experience, I learned a lot more about the day-to-day operations of running a professional sports team. I was given access to Dodger Stadium, was able to speak with a few folks who work there and gave me an inside look how the Dodgers are the Dodgers.

                                                                                        Los Angeles Dodgers!

First I have to mention I am a season ticket holder and have been for about 4 years now. My Dad was a huge Dodgers fan he had season tickets, but after he passed it was hard for me to pay for them solely. Now I am able to follow in his footsteps and know each time I go to a game, he is right there with me. I also took my almost 90 year old Grandmother who had not been to a game in 25 years due to her health, but boy did she have a blast. She LOVES the Dodgers!

                                                                                 Grandma, Mom, Wife and I taking in a game!

So the nuts and bolts of a Professional Baseball Team like the Dodgers are of course, players, the managers, coaching staff such as hitting, batting, infielding, outfielding, the list goes on and on. Then you have a General Manager, scouts, team operations managers, account supervisors, media outlets, sponsors to deal with, promotions and public relations, so it takes a lot to do what many of us have no clue about. We just sit in front of our TV, or plunk down in a seat and watch things go.

The Department head I spoke with says they have roughly 30,000 active season ticket holders. Now that is a lot of people to keep track of. The department does a great job of handling each account with the utmost respect and well-being of each ticket holder. For as many people as they service, they sure do a great job of making their STH (Season Ticket Holders) feel welcome. There are a lot of promotions, firework nights, giveaways, and special events like my favorite, Baseball Star Wars Style May 4th of course.

                                                                                             May the 4th be with you

                                                                                             May the 4th be with you

So I was given a behind the scenes tour so to speak of the grounds and facilities most fans don't get to experience.

                                                                                          Dodger Stadium from Center Field

                                                                                          Dodger Stadium from Center Field

                                                                                                       Brand New Score Board

                                                                                                       Brand New Score Board


It was great to be able to walk around the stadium, eerily with no fans or players (They were on the road during my interview). As a landmark of Southern California, everyone recognizes the Dodgers Logo, know of the history behind it all and with many people from out of town just to catch a game. The Dodgers organization does so much for the community through outreach programs, adopt a park events, and every summer players host free baseball camps for youngsters.

The moral of this story is, you never know where life will take you. It was such an honor to be able to walk around Dodgers stadium and check out all the cool memorabilia and private access to the field. Words of advice for anyone who is interested in the sports field, the Dodgers do offer intern positions for college student and you can find information through

Links to the Dodgers Websites and Information can be found here:

Dodgers YouTube Channel


And Finally couldn't leave you without one of the greatest commentators and announcers of our time, a most memorable and humble man I once had the pleasure of meeting, and has 5 of the sweetest sounding words to any Angelino......"It's Time For Dodger Baseball"-Vin Scully

The Aquarium Life MOVIE (update)

Update: Sept 14, 2014 - I posted a quick rant on my FB page sharing my disappointment with the fact that I was not able to get this film made. However, a company reached out to me stating that they would like to sponsor the film. I will keep you guys updated but things are looking good!

My name is Thomas Brown and I am a filmmaker here in Atlanta, GA. I specialize in aquarium videos which provide entertainment and education for my fellow aquarium hobbyist. My current project is one close to my heart as I feel compelled to share the hobby I love with the world. With that in mind I hope to create a film called The Aquarium Life.

In this film I hope to share the fact that we as aquarium hobbyist love and respect the oceans and nature as a whole. Many of us are activist, constantly fighting to save our planet.

The mission of this film is to not only share how our passion for aquariums affect our lives but how the Aquarium Hobby affects the world.

According to in 2003 it was estimated that 7.5 million pieces of hard coral are being traded and 18 million pieces of soft coral were being traded. It is likely that these figures have increased further still in the last few years. With this many corals in our Aquariums this would make reef hobbyists the largest coral conservation specialists in the world!

This documentary will also show that this hobby is not only important to us! Small villages that inhabit countries along the golden triangle (such as the Philippines and Indonesia) rely heavily on the aquarium industry for their livelihood.

Let's share with the world the innovations that have come from our great hobby. Like Aquaponics.

In terms of research the aquarium hobby has always been innovators. The knowledge gained from reef keeping has and is being used to help restore our reefs.

Jon's Innovative Marine Tank

Greetings Everyone! I am Jon Norris and I am happy to deliver my first video blog for ThomasVisionReef, the hottest and newest online aquarium video magazine! Here I wanted to feature my new tank build, my Innovative Marine Fusion 30L. It is a 30gallon tank and I am running the Max Spect Razors 160watts 16K model. So far I am really liking this tank!

I don't have a lot of corals in my tank as of yet, basically softies and zoas. I had been battling a huge algae bloom with diatoms, cyanobacteria, and the dreaded bryopsis. We normally don't see bryopsis out here in California, so when you buy online or from sellers you may not know that well, I always recommend dipping corals in a cleanse. I use Julian Sprung's Coral Revive from Two Little Fishies and works great. I do have a Watchman Goby named Wyatt and he is paired with a coral banded pistol shrimp, Doc Holliday. I just introduced one of my other favorite fish, Butters the purple firefish. He is a shy fellow so he did not want a close up with Mr. Deville.

When my algae finally gets under control, I have a lot of plans for this tank. I love SPS, LPS, anemones and of course, clownfish. I bred clowns for many years and would love to eventually get back to my roots and get back to breeding. I will continue to update my tank as it progresses and my next video blog will be on the negative opinions I have on this tank, not many but a few that had me surprised.

Until then happy reefing and keep on Fragging!

                                                                                                   Frag On!

                                                                                                   Frag On!