"I deserve reef cred because the money I save reefing will be helping the needy."

120 Gallon

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Tank Description: So my reef tank is about 5 months. It's my first big tank at 120 gallons with a 30 gallon sump. I have mostly sps and lps corals. Oh, and a green and rose bubble tip. I dose two part each night to keep everyone happy. The Aqua Medic Refill System would be awesome for my tank. Right now, I top it off every night. That's about to be a problem when my wife and I leave for South Africa for a two week medical mission trip (we leave April 17th). In fact most of the tank has been on a tight budget while we have been saving money for this trip. I even built the tank from a cracked 120 to save some cash. It's been a really rewarding, fun challenge.


"My first tank build ever now running almost a year made possible with lots of patience and dedication to the hobby!"

120 Gallon


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Tank Description: The tank is 120gl measuring 48x24x24. Has a dual overflow draining down into 2 micron filter socks to keep main display tank and sump clean from debris. Running a sump refugium with miracle mud cheato and the marine bio block instead of live rock. Skimmer omega180i and a dual reactor for gfo and carbon. Tank was started with dry rock and live sand using reefsaver rock and tonga plate rock. The aquascape was done providing lots of real state and levels to make it an sps dominant tank. I have a golden dwarf moray eel which i build a nice cave using kinky tubing hidden under the sandbed. Had a Morish idol for about a year which i had to remove from the tank because he started to nip on coral he was replaced by an Achilles tang. Have a pair of onyx clown fish hosting a rbt. Yellow tang blue hipo tang and powder blue tang.

A Little About Myself: I was born in Colombia, raised in Queens NY. every summer vacation I would go visit my family in Colombia. We lived near the coast where i had access to many beaches. One of my cousins got me into scuba diving and since that first time scuba diving i could say a fell in love with the wonders we see under water. i love everything about the hobby knowing i could have a little piece of the ocean at home is amazing.


"Love the hobby and meeting new people to help their tanks."

220 Gallon

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Tank Description: my tank is a 220 gallon mixed reef. I run gfo skimmer mad algea scrubber.

A Little About Myself: I am from Ontario Canada . I got into the hobbie when I went to my first saltwater Lfs. I love the corals and taking to other hobbiest and learning new things.