Ep 11 Yasha Nano Aquarium

The Yasha Nano by Aqua Medic

     Starting and maintaining a Nano Reef, depending on the size, can be one of the more challenging weight classes in the reef tank division. From setup to maintaining the water parameters, Nano Reefs can be a bit more challenging than larger setups. In this video, I’ll show you how I got started with the help from Aqua Medic.

     Receiving two of these guys from Aqua Medic allowed me to show off just how versatile these Nano setups can be. From Nano Reef displays to quarantine tanks, the Yasha Nano exhibits an array of possibilities in which this setup can be utilized.

     Aqua Medic lists the Yasha Nano on their website for a reasonable price tag of $399.90. With a NanoProp 5000 powered current, Turboflotor Blue 500 protein skimmer for quiet and effective skimmate production, and 3 AquaSunSpot energy-saving, high-output LED light fixtures that are sure to save the bank, the Yasha Nano proves itself as one of the best-in-class setups for any reef enthusiast. In addition, the Yasha Nano incorporates a hidden filtration compartment in the rear with a blacked out acrylic divider so you can go to town with the filtration media of your liking.

     Holding about 10 Gallons, the Nano measures out at (L x W x H) 12 x 16 x 12 in, perfect for just about any desired space in your home.

     All in all, the Yasha Nano has got a great, customizable setup for most of your needs!

Check out the Yasha Nano at http://www.aquamedicusa.com/product/yasha-nano-aquarium/

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