Welcome to the Beginner's Aquarium Guide!

     Here at ThomasVision Reef, there’s an insane amount of time and effort that goes into creating quality content for reef enthusiasts in all walks of life, but now it’s time we tailor some of that information specifically to beginners in the reef hobby; Not to say that the information isn’t abundant enough already, but our goal is to focus our new video/blog series on getting folks new to the aquarium hobby headed down the right path. Heck, some of you seasoned reefers might even benefit from this series. What do you say?

     What better way to kick off 2015 than a revived all-in-one series? Okay, it’s not exactly a brand new series, but we hope to make a bigger impact this time.

Introducing the Beginner’s Aquarium Guide!

     Hey guys, it’s John here; new writer for ThomasVision Reef Aquarium Video Magazine or TVVM. Thomas and I had the chance to talk about this idea a couple weeks ago. In fact, my personal blog, directed at helping brand new aquarium hobbyist, was sort of a stepping stone and helped get me on board with the TVVM team, so this new project is right up my alley! Little did I know that Thomas would take it a step further and revive the Beginner’s Aquarium Guide YouTube series. I think that’s awesome! So, not only will we have a blog series for those of you who are hooked on your kindle, but now we’ll have a video series to compliment that blog series, you know, in case reading puts you to sleep sometimes. Case in point, this gives us an incredible opportunity to reach out to new and aspiring hobbyist in the reef world and hopefully prevent these folks from making the same mistakes we’ve all made at one point in time.

     As a side note, and this was a huge emphasis in my personal blog, let’s start focusing more towards helping others in the hobby than boasting and patronizing fellow hobbyists. A recurring theme that I’ve noticed on some of the reef-keeping forums out there is that there’s some cocky folks in the hobby (like any other hobby, of course) that will treat some newbie hobbyist like they’re absolutely the dumbest thing on the planet when they genuinely have great, constructive questions about the hobby; questions that I certainly didn’t know the answer to when I started out. So let’s change all that here at ThomasVision Reef. Let’s build a community that people WANT to be a part of. With that being said, that’s going to take some help from you readers, viewers, and subscribers to build that helpful community we all want to be a part of, so feel free to comment, like, subscribe, and share!

Check out the video and blog series at ThomasVisionReef.com or, as always, YouTube.com/ThomasVisionReef