World Wide Corals NEW Coral Nursery

Check out our exclusive video tour below of the new farm!

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Written by Thomas Brown & Lou Schiavo, Jr.

This month we've already covered a new company currently on the rise, but what about a company that has already survived the hardships of being a start-up. For the past 9 years World Wide Corals (WWC) has built a very successful business or better yet an empire. But, is there such a thing as too much growth? If so, what does a company like WWC do when they've hit that wall? Keep reading and you will find out. ThomasVisionReef Video Magazine gets an inside look at WWC's new project along with some throw back photos that have never been released to the public, until now.

My first visit to World Wide Corals

I first met Victor and Lou of World Wide Corals, a little over a year ago. First, in Georgia at the Atlanta Reef Club's Coral Expo with a line of customers a mile long and again the next weekend in North Carolina at Fantastic's Anniversary event.  If you frequent marine aquarium events 9 time out of 10 you will see them there because they strive to be one of the hardest working coral vendors in the US if not the world.

A few months later I got the opportunity to visit their store for the 1st time. True to their name their store was packed with so many color colorful corals I wore a permanent smile ear to ear. That experience is documented in the video above.

My very first interview at World Wide Corals

My very first interview at World Wide Corals

Any true professional in any industry knows their trade and how to execute their trade to the best of their ability.  However to call your self a TRUE professional you have to be a historian of the game of your trade.

WWC co-owner Victor started their dream in this tank.

WWC co-owner Victor started their dream in this tank.

World Wide Corals history dates back almost 9 years and with a dream to grow corals and distribute them to the public. The only issue is that they had no idea how to get it off the ground. They started out of a bedroom then shortly after that moved the operations to a single car garage then to a double car garage.

First ever look at World Wide Corals garage operation when they were first getting started in 2005.

They finally landed a great deal on a lease for a retail location. After 2 years of garage struggles, they managed to get the door open to World Wide Corals on July 15, 2007.

World Wide Corals Entrance

World Wide Corals Entrance

Fast forward to February 2012 they decided to expand the retail store into the neighboring unit. With the intentions of having a show room for resale of aquariums of all shapes and sizes. Once they broke through the wall the initial expansion was completed. In the warehouse behind the aquarium show room they house their service vehicles and equipment.


As you can see there has been a pattern of growth and calculated expansions that were needed to fill the demand of their offerings of their products (Coral Frags)

WWC has been a State Of Florida Certified Aquiculture Facility since their inception in 2007.  The guys knew it was an essential part of their vision to grow the company, and in order to grow tank raised corals, they knew from the beginning they had to stick to the best practices and procedures manual that The State of Florida mandates and inspects for annually.


Now fast forward to December 2013 needing more room to grow their farm raised corals they decided to move forward with yet another expansion.

Along with the actual coral farming, the plan also included a fish receiving and quarantine area, an area dedicated just to farming and cutting the corals. Plans also include a shipping area and hospital tanks for sick fish and corals. 2 Large water vats along with a dry goods receiving area. Heck they even included a small break room with a kitchen for the WWC crew to relax when time permits. So following the plan set forth the owners decided to move forward with leasing the 3rd unit and moved the maintenance & installation department along with offices into the 3rd farm expansion.

This is no ordinary coral farm by any means. The entire unit is now under heat and air conditioning the floors are tiled and they installed a drop ceiling. Since production and farming will be taking place daily, WWC has decided to keep the farm closed to the public. The tank lineup is quite impressive! 4-700 gallon tanks 132” (L)x60”(W)x18”(H) where each custom made glass raceway frag systems will be housing 5,000 plus coral frags in each tank

A huge new 900 gallon glass display tank 144” (L)x48”(W)x30”(H) to house the brood stock Equipment wise the plan includes huge commercial grade protein skimmer, in line heaters, massive water chillers and plenty of large powerheads to move all types of random flow throughout the systems. The 2 sumps are huge with one of the sumps being close to 500 gallons. The lighting scheme has not been decided on yet. The guys hope by the end of MACNA 2014 in Denver they will have made their decision on lighting for the tanks. When all is said and done they will have more than double their capacity to house coralswith the number of coral frags that will be in the systems is hard to calculate but let’s say it will be ALOT !