Aqua Medic Gets New CEO

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Aqua Medic Gets a New CEO and a New Direction

     Written By Orlando Salazar

Hello, my name is Orlando Salazar and I am the new CEO of Aqua Medic USA Inc, Aqua Medic Live and Aquarium Water Testing. I was recently appointed to this position by Oliver Wehage; President and owner of Aqua Medic of Germany, GMBH. My main goal and directive is to bring Aqua Medic USA into the American market at a higher level than has ever been done before. In order to see how I will accomplish this, I feel that it is important to discuss a little about myself and my experience within this wonderful and exciting industry.

            I am 39 years young, married, and father of four incredible children. I started in this hobby when I was eight years old, with my first 10 gallon freshwater aquarium. As many other hobbyists do, I soon graduated to saltwater. I went to work at my first aquatic shop in 1994 and soon purchased that shop. I immediately started offering aquarium maintenance service and had grown to 83 accounts. I then opened up a second store in 2003. The number one reason why our stores and service company existed was to teach preventative aquarium maintenance, the key to maintaining longevity and health of livestock, which in turn will keep many hobbyists in the industry for as long as possible.

            Approximately 20 years of experience has brought me to where I am now, preparing Aqua Medic USA for MACNA 2014, Denver, Colorado!

            A lot of new hobbyists may not know very much about Aqua Medic, whereas old school hobbyists are familiar with the products that originally put Aqua Medic on the map. These included metal halides, fish traps and turbo flotor protein skimmers. So to introduce ourselves to newer hobbyists, we are an aquatic wholesale and distributor, ran by hobbyists for hobbyists. We are fueled by passion and love for reef-keeping. This is the core mission statement of the new Aqua Medic USA and I believe this is what sets us apart from other companies ran by suites with spreadsheets. I don’t even own a suit and my accountant puts together all of the spreadsheets.

            It is no secret that Aqua Medic previously lacked in new product refresh and a general disconnect from the industry. However that is the past, which I firmly believe no one person or company should live and dwell. So to move forward, my generals (Angelo Detomasi, and Chad Wohler) and I have collaborated with research and development in Germany and have come up with amazing products for the American market. This will be the most exciting and largest product refresh Aqua Medic has ever seen. Our new Eco and Evo lines will bring Aqua Medic USA into the future and give hobbyists what they are looking for. These new products will be available in October, 2014.

            This is not the only division of Aqua Medic USA that we are refreshing and taking in a new direction. We are also very proud to introduce Aqua Medic Live and Aquarium Water Testing.

Aqua Medic Live is a fairly new division of Aqua Medic USA started in August 2013. AML specializes in coral wholesaling, carrying a wide variety from Australia, Indonesia, Bali, Vietnam and Fiji. Our corals are high end, high quality, and cared for by our staff as if each coral table was a personal aquarium. Although we import incredible corals at very reasonable prices, what separates Aqua Medic Live from other coral wholesalers is the passion and excitement expressed by myself and my staff for reef-keeping. Each of us has a personal aquarium at home and every coral order day is like waking up on Christmas morning in our showroom.

In addition to Aqua Medic Live, I would also like to introduce Aquarium Water Testing. Aquarium Water Testing is unlike any other service provided in this industry and appeals to a wide range of customers. At our facility in Loveland, we have a state of the art laboratory dedicated to water quality and testing.  Retail stores, service companies and hobbyists all around the world submit water samples for us to test in our lab. Not only do we provide the test results, but we also provide insight as to how to fix any water quality issues. These water tests include the monitoring of very difficult water parameters, such as, boron, strontium, molybdenum and many others.

Despite this exciting new line of products and the additions of Aqua Medic Live, Aquarium Water Testing, and Aqua Medic USA is about more than just products, sales and profits. I am a firm believer that personal relationships mean more to a company than any amount of profit ever could. These relationships begin with my family, my employees and my customers. The number of friends and personal connections this industry creates is intrinsically valuable and overlooked by many other companies ran by suits and ties. Although we have recently shattered sales records set by previous owners, the rock solid relationships Aqua Medic USA has developed is our single most important accomplishment.

Thomas Brown of ThomasVisionReef and Orlando Salazar CEO of Aqua Medic USA

Thomas Brown of ThomasVisionReef and Orlando Salazar CEO of Aqua Medic USA

The Aqua Medic Team with Julian Sprung and Chris Cline from Carolina Aquatics

The Aqua Medic Team with Julian Sprung and Chris Cline from Carolina Aquatics

Here at Aqua Medic USA, we specialize in legendary customer service, interpersonal business relationships, and a love for the aquatics industry.

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