Neptunes Reef - Columbus, GA

I was invited to Neptune Reef's 2nd year anniversary on July 12, 2014. They originally opened on July 6, 2012 but they held their anniversary a week later just so I could attend the event. I never like a big fuss to be made about me but I was truly honored.

Neptune's Reef was excited to show off the new additions to their store.  According to Michelle at Neptune's Reef 

Over the past 2 years we have grown so fast so to keep up with the demand of this hobby for our customers, we are constantly adding to the store and coming up with new innovative ways for us to be maintain and grow with this hobby. We strive in bringing our customers the healthiest most exotic live stock and coral from all over the world! We also take great pride in our customer service, When you walk into our store you are welcomed and treated as family. We try our very best to make sure everyone gets exactly what they are looking for and that they get what is the best for their tank set up. It is important to us that our customers never feel a sale pushed upon them, also what we sale to our customers is right for their tank(s).
— Michelle Neptune's Reef
Justin and Michelle of Neptune's Reef

Justin and Michelle of Neptune's Reef

I also have a great time when I visit fish stores especially during their events. Neptune's Anniversary was no different. Their store was filled with so much positive energy.  They had some great deals, giveaways, food and fun!! They showed off a lot of the upgrades that they had recently done to the store including an ongoing project which is a 800 gallon aquarium which will soon great new customers when they first enter the store. 

I had a blast with Neptune's and their customers.  I will definitely have to make a follow up visit when their new 800 gallon system is done. I am sure they will be throwing another event soon as they said that they love to show customers their appreciation a couple times a year. 

Check out their facebook page: Neptune's Reef

Visit them at 6100 Veterans Pkwy Suite 3 Columbus, Georgia 31909