Coral Reef Junkies - Jacksonville, FL

Coral Reef Junkies is one of Jacksonville, FL's newest stores and the sponsor for my new Reef Savvy Tank. Build videos coming soon. However, I wanted to share with you my very first experience visiting their store.

As I mentioned earlier Coral Reef Junkies is the sponsor for my new 90 Gallon Reef Savvy Tank. I first met them at the 2014 Reef-A-Palooza event in Orlando. Nancy was the first to approach me and was familiar with my video work specifically my Local Fish Store Travel series on YouTube. I am still always pleasantly surprised when people are familiar with my work. I like to think that I am not a ego driven guy so I think I will always feel like I am the new kid on the block in regards to aquarium videos. When we arrived at their store it was about 2pm (Sunday) and the store was packed with customers. I never make a grand entrance when I visit a store, most of the time I try to keep a low profile so I can first check out the tanks, observe the staff, and chat with the customers.


So I am chatting it up with a few of their customers and find out that a few of them have driven all the way from Georgia, and that they do this once or twice a month. As an aquarium addict I have driven a good distance to check out a new store. I had to know what was so special that they would drive to this new store. I have to mention that the customers had no idea who I was (yeah I cried a little inside ha-ha) so they had no reason to add any fluff when I asked them "Why do you drive so far to come to this store?".  Their answer, "Coral Reef Junkies has the best customer service by far".

Have you ever walked into a fish store or any store for that matter, needed help, and not one staff member approached you to offer assistance. I have, more times than I care to mention. Especially at some aquarium stores. I continued to browse the store attempting to stay out of Peter's line of sight.

Are you picturing me in a fake mustache and trench coat?

If so, I probably looked more like this....

Anyway, while I was being elusive, I witnessed their exemplary customer service skills first hand. The store was obviously in a rush with new customers coming in every few minutes or so and every single customer was greeted. Eventually I had no more places to hid and Peter came up to greet me and my life as a spy was over (I guess I have to return the tux). 


Coral Reef Junkies Is More Than Customer Service

Coral Reef Junkies is a Quality Marine premiere partner which means they get all of their fish from one reliable source (Quality Marine). As a premiere partner Coral Reef Junkies gives customer an added piece of mind via the bar code scanners for each fish on their tanks. You can use your phone to scan the bar-code and instantly get the history of that prize fish you are admiring.