The past few months of my exposure growth have been sort of ridiculous. First off I would like to say that the pressures of the world are greater now than when most of you were my age. I am not calling you all old, but  being young in today's age I experience pressure from friends, family, school, sports all sorts of things that say, "Hey man what are you doing making videos and blogging about aquarium topics and products that should be left to older aged men to do?" Yes I am 16 and on a daily basis am helping others twice and three times my age understand the concepts and ideas about this special hobby. Should I be? No is the quick answer I mean I should be going out doing normal things teenagers do and having fun experiencing my youth. Do I like to believe I am special because I know what I know at such a young age? Yes I do in fact I love showing off my knowledge and impressing the aquarium company bosses and industry leaders, but that is not why I do it all. I do it all because I love every second of it, always have since the 5th grade, and have doing it. Do I live a normal life? I AM NOT some nerd who has no friends at school and only focuses all my time on this, while staying completely secluded from social and normal teenager activities. I am a varsity basketball player, a very social "cool" kid in school and get good grades while being recognized as a leader in man different programs of my school. My parents (which will be a whole blog post of its own) raised me well. Being raised in America I am so blessed to have sharp social, tech savvy and business skills that my parents have helped me reach my almost 1500 subscribes and be on multiple blogs. I hope you don't think I am showing off myself I just want my readers here to understand that I am not supposed to be writing this. I am not supposed to have a growing YouTube channel. I am not supposed to blog for AquaNerd. I am not supposed to being talking over the phone with aquarium company bosses. The reason I can create the type of great content I do though is because I am from the young generation and I AM doing all of this. This was all very personal and most of my posts will be about how as a teenager I combine my normal life with a secret dual life as a aquarium nerd. I think you will enjoy what I have to say about the hobby and hope that you visit my YouTube channel coralfish12g to see my content.