YouTube, Blogging and Product Reviews

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My YouTube channel has reached 1500 subscribers and this is an accomplishment, I thought I would never reach. I started it when I was younger, maybe 12, but did not seriously start making great helpful videos until a year or two ago. I am growing faster everyday and being on YouTube, where I can respond to other people's comments and respond to feedback easily, is awesome. I was contacted by and made aware of blogging in this hobby by Jake Adams over at Reef Builders. Even though I blog at AquaNerd, Jake did a feature on me and supported my growth. Here is the article Since talking to him, I have spoken with many company owners about featuring and doing product reviews. These are a fun way for me to take breaks from informational videos. I also get to learn about products directly from the creators which gives me a unique insight to the hobby. Also playing with new toys every couple weeks is a lot of fun :) All this stuff is time consuming though and although it is always fun it is a lot to manage. Time management, if you ask my Mom, has been a problem since my extreme growth. If you ask me I will say that I am not working on my "tank stuff" for that long every day. My Mom likes to differ in opinion on that and the reality is that it IS VERY time consuming. Doing all these things hasn't been easy, but now that the basketball season is over I will be able to manage everything better. I have recently been called a "poster hobbyist" for young people. I love supporting young people because that is what I wish I had more of when I was even younger. I thought I knew what I was doing but I did not have half a clue of what I know now. And I have half a clue now of what I will know in 5-10 more years. The crazy thing is, there are steps in the learning and growth process of this hobby. Doing all these things, will ultimately prepare me for the type of person I want to be as an adult. I will earn lessons about responsibility, commitment, as well as grow on my business and social skills. I know I can improve in everything I do, and I am trying to move forward in my YouTube channel and everything else I am apart of in the hobby. 

This is a product review I did on Continuum Aquatic's AquaBlade.