Someone Recognized Me! BE HARD ON ME

After walking into my local fish store, I was talking tanks with a couple guys who worked in the store. Both were a little past middle aged and both I have known to work there for a long time. Eventually the question came up about why I was asking about something, and I told him that I work with that company and my YouTube channel and such came up. The one man kept asking me for more details while the other one remained somewhat quiet. The quiet one finally lightly responded "oh yeah I have seen it" when my videos came up in the discussion. Inside I was going nuts because I didn't really think anybody would ever recognize me on the street so to speak. I mean I'm still very small on YouTube. On the outside I said, "oh"  and played it cool. I kept talking to the clueless guy for a few seconds, before I returned to the one who knew me. I asked how he knew about my videos, and again this time with a little bit of jealousy in his voice, he told me he had seen me on Reef Builders. I know that most the attention I get is because I am so young. Whether or not I get nasty comments or the really supportive ones I will not quit making videos the way I do. Sure those men know ten times more than me. I know that being young is the reason many find a uniqueness and support my channel. However, I don't want people to refrain from telling me what I am bad at or what I said wrong. Of course I don't appreciate plain old nasty comments but I want to here the negative as much as the positive. I am still young, hungry and foolish. I want to learn and I can't if people think I will take what they say the wrong way just because it's negative. So to that man at my local fish store, I thank you for reminding me that I am still nothing and I still have much to learn.