I Want To Get my Scuba Certification-Mom Worried!

I went snorkeling for about the third time during my spring break. Even though there were not many corals, it was the coolest thing ever. I can't even imagine how cool an actual coral reef would be. The most frustrating part is that I can't take anything! I am a little scared of things like sharks and the pressure pounding my ears will face during free dives. If I dove constantly I would get over and adjust to fears like these. Anyways, I want to get my scuba certification so I can do that at an actual coral reef and at cool diving spots. I called a place and said I could get it in a two week course. My mom is scared to death because she knows that it is so dangerous. It will take some nagging but eventually I feel like I will get her on board with my idea. I don't know when or where I will get it, probably in the summer, but my little scuba adventure fueled my drive to physically explore our worlds underwater creatures!