How I manage my MONEY $$$$$

Being a teenager, one of the most challenging aspects of the hobby I face is the huge price tag that comes with it. Reef aquariums are really expensive, and as of now, I don't have a job or get an allowance. Sometimes I have to use my savings, because my parents are not willing to pick up the tab like they used to when I was younger. The trick is to find a really gorgeous coral when I am at the local fish store and my mom will usually be nice and get me it :) For the most part what I find myself doing a lot, is having to be money-savvy and find ways to generate some type of income to fund my fish tank stuff. Money and products from YouTube have lately helped a lot. Something I do a lot is sell used or extra equipment online. I have also tried selling frags but because of the poor lighting I do not see explosive coral growth. Now that I have a brand new LED lighting system that will all change soon and I expect to be fragging more. In general though, I have to be scrappy and go with the cheap and affordable aquarium products. For example I will never get a chiller, or certain other systems such as a RODI unit maker, or electronic dosing/ monitoring system. I simply cannot pay out of pocket for something really expensive that would make my life so much easier. The point is it is not easy but I find myself having to pass up on great corals just because I know that I am leaving for college soon and would rather save my money in that regard. It's not easy but like always, I make it work :) ... but hey this hobby will kill your wallet so why not make the most of it?