Buying Online or in Local Fish Stores

This is an issue many people face when in need of dry goods. The local fish store with the best prices is far away from me. The local fish store that has the best corals, at reasonable prices, is far away from me. The store with the decent stuff at terrible prices is right next me. It also is the biggest one and has well trained staff who I know. For a while now I have been purchasing my equipment online. Why? Well, because of course its so much cheaper in price. Why spend extra on a marked up price not including tax? Well, because its really nice to support local and small businesses. As much as I love the stores around me, I think it is incredibly hard to compare products, specifications and prices, in a store. It's much easier to simply do this kind of stuff online, and if local fish stores don't figure something out they will be suffering big time. I usually tend to look for stuff that other aquarium owners are trying to sell online before I hit up online sites or stores. I do and will continue to support my local fish store, that I rarely go to anymore, by buying RODI water. I just cannot afford to go and spend my money for overpriced corals and equipment.