ACT, AP Tests, Finals, Drivers ED, Basketball OHMY

It is the spring of my junior year right now and the academics, and pretty much everything else in my life, is picking up. The second semester, of junior year, for a high schooler brings chaos and stress that can result in sometimes just losing it. I have to prepare for the ACT, which I will use to get into colleges, take AP tests for high level classes, and then at the end of the year do my finals. This is a busy time in my life and my Youtube channel has already suffered from it. In the last 6 weeks I have put out 2 videos instead of the trending 6-8 I usually could put out. I know my viewers and subscribers understand that life happens but I really hate to disappoint. As you can see though balancing life with this hobby, and on top of it all basketball, is extremely difficult. Whenever I have free time I have to choose two of these three. Basketball, School, or Fish tank. It cannot be all three and this makes it very difficult on me because I often wonder what is the most important. Sometimes I wonder whether my time being put into the videos really matter. I see 1800 subscribers and I think yes of course. Then I take a look at some other channels with many more subscribers and my confidence instantly takes a hit. I am sorry for putting my life before the channel often. I feel sorry for myself that I have so much to do in so little time. However I ask you to not feel sorry for me because all of this is teaching me things. I know when I am older and very successful it will have paid off. If you put everything you have into your passions in life and don't end up successful, there will be no regrets. Trust me.