The YouTube channel Thomas Vision Reef (TVR) was first created on Jan 27, 2013 by Filmmaker and YouTube content creator Thomas Brown. His goal was to create visually stunning and entertaining aquarium related videos like the world had never seen before. He accomplished that and then some and is now on a new mission to create one of the best Online Video Magazine's in the aquarium industry.  TVR Video Magazine strives to set ourselves apart from every other online aquarium publication by creating unique video content for our featured stories. With a filmmaker as the founder we would think our audience would expect all of our content to be filled with great videos and photos. We realize that our audience is made up of a wide range of aquarium related interest and thus TVR covers a wide range of topics in the form of Videos, Photos, Articles, and Blogs.

Breakdown of our content

Featured Content - Documentary style video and long format written content released once a week meant to give you an inside look at some of the top companies and products in the aquarium industry. We invest a lot of time and travel into our content. We tell our writers "If you can write about it without leaving your home, then it's not a TVR Featured Content". We create content that is filled with inspiration, travel, and information not always readily available to the public.

The Aquarium Report Video Series - A new bi-weekly video series where we strive to find you the latest news in the aquarium community & industry.

Blogs - Consistent short but sweet write ups on the latest & greatest whether its the hottest new fish store, latest tank wars episode, unique product review, or just a look inside the lives of Team TVR.

Local Fish Store World Travel Video Series - Video series we started in 2013 where we travel the world looking for the most unique and beautiful Fish Stores (episodes located in our Blog section).

Tank Wars - The Ultimate Aquarium web series! Think of gladiators battling in the coliseum. Now remove those boring Gladiators and put in two of the most beautiful aquariums you've seen and watch as regular hobbyist like yourself go head to head in aquarium warfare for your viewing pleasure.  The best part, you get to choose the winner (episodes located in our Blog section)!